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Kaliko Law is a law firm that specializes in providing advice and services in intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademark, and trade secrets).  The firm’s national and international intellectual property practice includes all areas of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets, false advertising, computer software/internet protection, licensing and agreements, and due diligence and many other areas such as:

Patent Attorney, Trademark Attorney & Copyright Attorney

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is probably best thought of (at least in general terms) as creations of the mind that are given the legal rights often associated with real or personal property. The rights that are given are a function of statutory law...

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Patent, Copyright and Trademark Litigation

Our attorneys have been involved in numerous litigations, audits, and compliance examinations. Our attorneys have acted in a variety of roles such as lead counsel, local counsel, co-counsel...

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Our corporate and financial compliance attorneys handle all aspects of federal and state securities laws, including corporate governance issues relating to compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the BSA/AML laws and regulations...

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Patent, Copyright and Trademark Licensing

Submit your Patent, Copyright or Trademark for a licensing evaluation

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What we do

In 2003, Scott H. Kaliko, Esq., began a small Intellectual Property law firm. That firm has since grown into a full service law firm with YK Law LLP that today handles intellectual property, civil litigation, corporate and...

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Entrepreneurial Ventures

Entrepreneurs are usually optimists inclined to believe things will work out, which is why they are willing to try something as laborious as starting their own business. Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in America...

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