Did You Register Your Trademark?
Trademarks are highly valuable assets. According to one recent estimate, trademarks account for, on average, one-third of corporate value. The world’s most valuable brand was recently estimated to be worth more than $180 billion. Developing and protecting trademarks is not a mere “cost of doing business,” but rather an investment in customer goodwill, leading to greater customer satisfaction and higher sales.

A trademark can be almost anything namely a word, a logo, a sound, shape, a color, a scent, taste or any combination of these-that distinguishes the goods or services of one party from those of another. Trademarks also assure consumers of consistent quality and thus help promote efficient competition.

The Top 10 Benefits of Registration of a Trademark:

1) Discourages others from using confusingly similar marks by making the mark easy to find in a trademark availability search;

2) Protects against registration of confusingly similar marks, as the Trademark Office an obligation to cite prior registrations against applications for confusingly similar marks and to refuse to register such marks;

3) The trademark is treated as if is used nationwide as of the application date;

4) Provides nationwide notice of ownership of the mark as of the registration date;

5) Acts as Prima Facie as evidence of the validity and exclusive ownership of the mark for the goods and services listed in the registration where after five years the trademark may become “incontestable” to subsequent users of the trademark;

6) Enables the trademark holder to use the ® symbol when the mark is used for the goods and services listed in the registration;

7) Grants the right to sue in federal court and, in certain cases, obtain treble damages and attorney fees, thereby providing for potential significant monetary recovery in appropriate cases;

8) Entitles you to certain statutory damages in the case of counterfeiting, relieving you from having to demonstrate actual damages;

9) Provides a basis for foreign registrations worldwide;

10) Allows US Customs and Border Protection to prevent imports that infringe the trademark or are counterfeits once the registration is separately “registered” with Customs.

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